About us

Welcome to the world of electric unicycles, the largest in Europe and the fastest growing portal and online shop!

As the only one in this industry, we are placed among the top of the largest and the most recognizable companies on the European e-commerce market.

ElectricUnicycles.eu is being driven by a team of young and creative people. We are enthusiasts, who love the joy and fun coming from electric unicycles. You have to try this! Warning: it is highly addictive!

Our mission

We decided to share this amazing feeling, that comes from riding an electric unicycle. It is a feeling you cannot find anywhere else: imagine you're flying, you don't feel any vehicle under your feet, having free hands in the same time, imagine you can fly whenever you think of, imagine you forget you are using a transportation device, which becomes a part of you.

This is how you will feel on an electric unicycle, and we want the whole world to have a chance to feel this!

We care about expanding the community, by making electric unicycles recognizable and popular. We want for people to know it is not a gadget or a prototype, but the best way of personal transportation in the world. This way of transportation is available now and can replace a bicycle easily!

We live in the 21th century, so why do we still use 200 years outdated technology? It's time for a change! Join us and become a part of this outstanding community!

Our history

Everything has begun in 2015, when a group of friends was wondering how they can commute to work more efficient. One of them has found information about the earliest electric unicycle models. The group couldn't believe that people riding an electric unicycle could take as much space as other pedestrians - and they didn't need a pair of big wheels, or a handlebar for steering, and they were looking stylish in the same time, in contrast to two-wheeled Segways.

The group was so impressed after they tested the first purchased electric unicycle, that it quickly became their hobby and soon all of them got their own. Later, the group has expanded and they decided to create a project together. 

We - creators of ElectricUnicycles.eu - are that group. Everyday, We are 100% dedicated to the project and electric unicycles, because we believe it is the best way of personal transportation. Everyone who has tried it at least one, agrees with us... and there is no return: you won't get back to riding a bike or driving a car in the city!

Our advantages and achievements

Our crew have a deep experience in importing and distributing electric unicycles, e-commerce and modern media. 

Our professional team will help you in every way, before and after sale. As reliable distributor, our shop supports hundreds of satisfied Customers. 

Photos and product descriptions are created by us and show you the most important features in a reliable way - so you can get to know the offered devices as thorough as possible. 

We check the official technical specifications with our own experience, so we can publish the real, verified by us, data. 

We are technologically advanced - we use modern cutting-edge IT solutions. As the first in the world, we have implemented the international "MyWheel" system, where you can find all your unicycle details. As the only one in this industry, we have integrated the service with our mobile app.

Everyday we do what it takes, to deliver the very best level of services and support to our Users, and to offer the highest quality devices only. 

We are an authorized, European store - we get all the products directly from the manufacturers. Because of close collaboration with them, we have a real influence on the electric unicycle market path.

Because we can test all the vehicles available on the market, we have decided to share our impressions by creating a video database, where we can showcase the devices advantages and disadvantages. 

However, we do not collaborate with everyone! Despite constantly receiving new collaboration offers from various manufacturers, we introduce to our offer the best, professional vehicles only, which meet our requirements and has passed our complex and strict testing process

We get inspiration from our Users - we always try to bring all your ideas and suggestions of testing another devices into life. We do it for you!

Additionally, you can return the purchased products up to 14 days, and every product is covered by 2-year European warranty.

Welcome to the Future! We invite you to our 100% safe shopping.

The ElectricUnicycles.eu Team

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