I have just got my electric unicycle - now what?

Upon delivery:

1. Make sure the device is not damaged - if it is, ask the courier to create a damage report and return the parcel,

2. Test the device in front of the courier, especially if there is any visible damage to the outer packaging. The parcel is insured, and the parcel company is responsible for proper transit.

Before first use:

1. Read the user manual,

2. Install the newest version of official mobile app to unlock the device. After successfully connecting the device via the app, depending on the app either choose the Lock/Unlock icon and confirm "Permanent unlock", or go to Settings and disable "Transport mode". Turn the device off and on again,

3. Please use the included gift - protective foam and double-sided tape to protect the device during learning or transition period,

Before each use:

· Make sure of proper tyre air pressure, to match the values marked on the tyre,

· Make sure of proper battery charge. Do not ride the device when the battery is low,

· Make sure the charging port and all other ports are closed correctly.


· Use the included original charger only, for your safety and to keep your warranty valid,

· Do not use any charging accessories, adapters or extenders,

· Always connect the charger to the device first, then to the outlet. Do the opposite when unplugging the charger,

· Do not drain the battery completely, as it may damage the battery,

· Do not store the unicycle charged below 50% longer than 2 days,

· Do not leave the unicycle charging overnight,

· Do not leave the unicycle charging unattended,

· Do not wait for the battery charge to drop before charging. It is better for the battery to charge the device frequently, even after each ride, than waiting for the battery charge to drop significantly,

· Do not charge in temperature below 0°C.

After each use:

1. Clean the device from any mud or water,

2. Let it dry in levelled position (do not lay it on a side, but keep it straight like when riding – you can use a parking stand accessory or a wall as support),

3. Wait for the unicycle to dry and return to room temperature before charging.


· First, make sure the device is turned off,

· To clean the motor, use a dry microfibre cloth, and put it between the motor and casing. Remove all water and mud by pressing the cloth while spinning the wheel with your hand,

· To clean the casing, use clean cotton pads, moving the pads from top to bottom. Replace the pads frequently when they are getting dirty or soaked in water/mud. Note that mud and sand may scratch the outer casing – it is normal.


· Store the unicycle in room temperature,

· Do not store the unicycle in temperature below 0°C or above 39°C,

· Do not leave the unicycle on direct sunlight, as it may damage the battery,

· Do not leave the unicycle in the car that is exposed on direct sunlight, as the temperature in the car may exceed the safe storage temperature,

· Store the device only in dry and well-ventilated rooms,

· When storing the unicycle for longer (e.g. during winter) make sure to keep the battery charged above 50% (preferably ~80%) and then charge it at least once a month (even when not in use). It is best to store the unicycle in the original packaging.

· You should keep the original packaging with included padding. It will come handy if you ever need to ship the unicycle somewhere else.

Device wear, exploitation and usage:

· The inner tube and the tyre are subject to quick exploitation, this is completely normal, caused by both using them when riding and aging of the rubber,

· The unicycle has only one wheel, so pay extra attention to your safety, by cleaning the rim from any mud, dust, dirt or water, to not allow any substances enter inside the tyre and not result in abrasion or puncture of the inner tube,

· For best safety and highest comfort, it is recommended to replace the inner tube every about 300 km and the tyre every about 1000 km, or earlier when necessary (heavy usage, puncture of the inner tube or any dirt or water entering the inside of the tyre - between the rim and tyre). Keeping the unicycle unused for a longer period of time will still cause inner tube and tyre to age naturally,

· Proper air pressure level in the tyre (as marked on the tyre) will keep it sealed and will protect against dust, dirt, sand and mud entering inside the tyre (between the inner tube), though you still need to keep it clean,

· When replacing the inner tube or the tyre, avoid entering any dirt to the inside of the rim, the tyre or over the inner tube. Always clean the rim, inside of the tyre and the whole inner tube thoroughly, before mounting those elements.

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