Adrian - 2017-11-15 23:07

Hold on with installing the new KingSong app

After the recent update of the new KingSong mobile app, a major bug has been found, related to firmware update system.

Only some of the users are affected by the bug, and it's not present in earlier versions. Here are the symptoms: 

  • After finishing a ride (complete stop), the stabilisation system turns off and the device does not react to the power button,
  • After a while, 4 red LEDs light up, on both sides of the device (picture attached),
  • Device data is wiped out, including the serial number. 

After some time, the affected unicycle turns off by itself, then - after powering it on again - some users find everything working properly, while the serial number returns. If this does not happen, you need to send the device to your distributor.  

In case of encountering this bug:

  • If the unicycle does not work after restart, send it to your distributor for repair,
  • Do not attempt to fix it on your own or perform any actions,
  • Most importantly, do not connect the unicycle to the app and do not try to update the firmware, under any circumstances

The issue is confirmed in Android version. It is not known if the iOS version is affected as well. 

If you do use the new app, uninstall it and download the previous version here

Remember we update the firmware to the newest stable version before sending you the device, so there is no need to install the new version yet.

KingSong developers are working hard on fixing this issue. Nevertheless, downloading the new app from our website is disabled, until the new update is released and tested. We will keep you posted and let you know when the fixed version is out. In the meantime, we advise to downgrade once again.

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