Mike - 2018-05-28 03:56

Join us and work from home!

We are growing so fast that we barely keep up! We have tons of ideas and upcoming projects, but we need your help!

Ever wondered how great would it be to do what you love, and have an opportunity to... work from home?

Well - electric unicycles give freedom, this is why we also want to give you the freedom of working remotely, wherever you are.

Just imagine that you carry your laptop in your backpack, while riding on your electric unicycle. Imagine having the freedom of flexible working hours.

All right, let's get to the point!

We are looking for hobbyists and talents, mostly from the following areas of interest / specialization:

  • Web developers (PHP back-end developers; front-end developers),
  • Web designers,
  • Video editors,
  • Assistants.

If all the categories above don't match your profession or interests, don't worry:

  • Do you have an idea what you can do for us? Convince us!
  • Do you know anyone matching our criteria? Share this page right now!

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