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Popular KingSong model discontinued

KS-16S Sports becomes KingSong's only 16-inch model

The robust KingSong KS16C, being a follow-up to the immensely popular KS16B, made its appearance in the stores around January, 2017. Only about 3 months later the manufacturer presented its sports version, labelled with the letter "S". It might seem fast, while – in fact – the tuning of this 16-inch unicycle was actually indispensable. The offer of KingSong lacked a vehicle that would meet the expectations of experienced unicyclists. For a long time both versions - classic and sports - were being manufactured concurrently.  It may come as surprising that the decision of ending the production of KS16C has not been taken until now.

The manufacturer was not in a hurry with regard to the decision, doing so to gain a hundred-percent certainty of the reliability of KS16S. Last statistics have shown 95% users choose KS-16S instead of classic KS-16, totally conviencing KingSong to discontinue KS-16C. The choice of a suitable uniwheel should be easier for those who are to begin their electric unicycle adventure, definitely wishing to use the wheel of KingSong brand.

Saying goodbye to the legendary KS-16C and KS-16B (with 800 W motors and 30 km/h maximum speed - just to remind you), KS-16S has became the only 16" KingSong model in production. What is the KS16 Sport then?

External appearance and accessories

KingSong company has surprised its users by adding silver to the range of colours offered. While the colour itself is impressive, it is black matte that still reigns among the 16-inch wheels.

The pedals have been made of magnesium alloys. They are large and – thus – really comfy. Their surface has been covered with an abrasive layer of the grip type which prevents one's shoes from sliding while taking a ride, especially during rainy weather. The pedals have also been set at a certain slight angle which provides increased comfort to rides and makes users less concern of scratching them at sharp bends. The pedals are placed ~13 centimeters over the ground level.

The pads are exactly the same as in the case of KS16C, just with an additional "Sports" mark. However, the company has got a plan of resigning from the presence of the logo and other markings, currently painted on pads surface.

Bluetooth lets us play our favourite music as transmitted straight from our phones. Speakers have been placed on both sides of the device. It ensures excellent quality and range of sound.

LED backlight

The lateral LED lights are very clearly visible here, thanks to a brighter material that covers them. The impression is great. The difference is most noticeable when we compare it to the backlights implemented in the older model of KS16B.

The manufacturer has prepared many schemes of lighting that may be freely changed or even permanently deactivated through the use of an app. The lateral LED's notify the user of the battery status at a standstill.

Running lamps

KS16S has got powerful LED lighting that is suited for night rides. The twilight sensor ensures that the lights are automatically turned on only when we need it. They may be totally turned off at any time we don't need them. It may be done through the app or by the use of a button placed on the casing.

The stop lamp works independently here, similarly to the ones present in cars. The rear light lights up in red (in day light) or doubles its light output at each braking if turned on before.

The wheel is symmetrical, so the operation of its lamps adjusts itself to the riding direction. It is a great improvement, as we do not need to wonder if we have stepped on our unicycle from the right side.

Dimensions and weight

KS16 Sport is a 16-inch wheel, obviously. It weighs ~17.5 kg - slightly more than in the case of KS16C. The reasons for the increase in its weight may be justified by the increased capacity that both applies to its batteries and engine power.

The dimensions of KingSong KS-16S remain the same as those of the well-known KS-16C model: around 50 x 46 x 19 cm.

Batteries and motor

The unicycle is equipped with lithium-ion batteries of a charging capacity at 840 Wh, arranged in the form of two sets placed on both sides of the wheel in order to make the wheel perfectly balanced.

The real range of the wheel reaches even approximately 70 km, while depending on one's riding style, the terrain layout, ambient temperature or the weight of a particular user.

The charging time from 0% to 100% is ~6.5 hour, but - with such great range - draining the battery is a very rare scenario, for most users.

Under the hood, what we have to do with here is a three-pole, brushless BLDC motor. The nominal power of the unicycle is as great as reaching 1,200 W (400 W more than in classic KS16), allowing the manufacturer for having increased the maximum speed of the wheel up to 35 km/h. Besides, this unicycle is capable of reaching its peak power even at 3,000 W!

KingSong has got the global recognition for the highest level of safety and reliability. Improved electronics (now with even two safety fuses) does the job done even when the power demand is huge.

The unicycle has been equipped with an additional protection taking the form of a three-level sound alarm (that increases along with the speed), and the appearance of tilt-back effect. Its alarms may be adjusted via the mobile app.

Mobile app

The Kingsong KS-16S electric unicycle is supported not only by two official apps (classic "green" one, and new "white" version with additional features), but also by some independent apps, like Whellog for instance.

The apps released by the manufacturer itself, allow us to change the parameters of the lighting system, riding mode, LED lighting, sounds, speed, calibrate the gyros, as well as update the in-built software of the device. The new version has some more features - for example anti-theft lock mode.

Of course, the apps let you monitor your speed, total mileage and other basic data. With additional apps, you can save more detailed info history, as you ride - among other features.

Other advantages

  • Modularity is a major benefit of the model. If you destroy/scratch the casing, you can always replace the single component exposed to damage of your choice.
  • KS-16S is very well-maneuverable, doing great in urban surroundings.
  • Due to the fact that its batteries have been placed on both sides of the device, the wheel is perfectly balanced.
  • The tyre has been sharply exposed, due to an optimal casing shape, which works perfectly well in off-road.
  • An integrated telescopic handle is a great feature of the model. While the solution has been borrowed from suitcases, the handle is in-built along the perimeter of the wheel here, resulting in an overall interesting shape.


There is nothing surprising about the withdrawal of its older model from the market.

You no longer need to wonder which 16-inch model of KingSong is the best now.

However, what if you don't need that much power and speed, offered by the KS-16S? The manufacturer recommends for such users to get a 14-inch model. In 14" category you can find KS-14S, that has identical battery capacity, but a little less power (800 W) with 30 km/h maximum speed. If 840 Wh battery is more than you need, KS-14D is still a great option, and it's also still in production.

The manufacturer aims to simplify the offer and link unicycles power with their tyre diameter. Therefore, for people in the market for something even more powerful than KS-16S, KingSong has designed a completely new 18" model - KS-18L, that will replace already discontinued KS-18A.

To sum it up, there are now 3 categories to choose new KingSong models from:

  • 14" models (KS-14M, KS-14D, KS-14S) - lower power output (but 14S and 14D are still powerful!),
  • 16" model - KS-16S - very powerful, all-purpose electric unicycle,
  • 18" models, like KS-18L - the most powerful, and the biggest.

What do you think of the new electric unicycle offer from KingSong? Let me know in the comments! 

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