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Rockwheel GR12


Date released: 2013 2015 Photo: Rockwheel GR12 Photo IPS 191 XIMA LHOTZ Photo Purchase: BuyPrice & Availability BuyPrice & Availability Total rating: Performance: Ergonomics & mobility: Built-in features: Safety:
Tyre diameter: 12" 16" Weight: 8.9 kg 13.9 kg Pedals height: ? mm 107 mm Width x Height x Length: ? mm x ? mm x ? mm 501.5 mm x 472 mm x 182 mm Max. load: 120 kg 120 kg Max. slope: 30° 30° Range (max.): 30 km 40 km Battery capacity: 296 Wh 340 Wh Battery type: Li-ion Li-ion Battery brand: Samsung Panasonic Battery charging time: 2.5 h 3 h Fast charging: Not supported Not supported Max. Speed: 25 km/h 30 km/h Engine power: 300 W ~500 W Engine power peak: ~450 W 1000 W Engine type: Electric, brushless (BLDC) Electric, brushless (BLDC) Min. working temperature: -10 °C -10 °C Max. working temperature: 50 °C 50 °C Suspension: None None Handle: Fixed handle Fixed handle Anti-spin: No No Regenerative braking: Yes Yes Mobile application: ? Yes Lamps: ? Yes Side lights: ? Yes Brake light: ? Yes Speakers: No No USB port: No No

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