Adrian - 2017-04-21 23:58

Heads up! Inmotion bans all devices purchased from unofficial sources

Heads up! Inmotion, a famous electric unicycle manufacturer, has released an official statement regarding abandoning any kind of support for Inmotion vehicles purchased from unofficial sources. All users, who have bought devices like Inmotion V8, V5F - or any other products using the Inmotion mobile app - via other way than authorized distributors - will not be able to use the official mobile app, or make any warranty claims.

The devices themselves will not stop working, however, they functionality will be limited:

  • lack of warranty (which is well known when buying any electric unicycles from unofficial sources),
  • ability to use only basic features, such as turning on/off the lights. The following features - among others - will not be supported: changing the speed limit (including increasing it from the factory setting), changing the side lights mode, changing the sounds, using the speedometer, tracking the mileage, calibrating the device.

Regardless do we agree with the manufacturer decision or do not, purchasing electric unicycles from unauthorized sources, will be pointless.

Shortly after releasing the statement, the popular Inmotion models have disappeared from international trade websites.

Other manufacturers consider similar solutions. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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