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IPS I5 and S5 - the new electric unicycles from IPS

The new IPS I5 - the lightest on the market

While other manufactures are increasing the weight and size of their devices, the IPS engineers are showing off with their skills. This time, they unveiled a full-size electric unicycle... even lighter than their previous products.

We are talking about the new IPS i5 - a 14-inch electric unicycle, which weights only 7.5 kg! (16.5 lbs)

The engineers from IPS have beaten their own record - the I5 becomes the lightest, professional electric unicycle.

That's not all! IPS I5 is also the thinnest electric unicycle - it's only 6 cm wide! They could achieve it by cleverly placing the battery and avoiding any pads or external elements.

The major question is - what's under the hood? Continue reading, please.

Great technical specification

The new IPS I5 technical specification:

  • Tyre diameter: 14",
  • Maximum speed: 20 km/h,
  • Rated motor power: 350 W,
  • Range: up to 30 km (19 miles).

Achieving that kind of performance was possible due to utilisation of the highest quality Panasonic lithium-ion batteries, made in Japan. They are placed above the wheel, so they do not contribute to the device width.

As the device is not yet available to the end-clients, the final spec could change.

What else does I5 have to offer, besides the numbers above? Most importantly:

  • the main material used is light magnesium alloy, 
  • unfolded pedals are skewed, in order to prevent scratching when making sharp turns. This solution already works great in Kingsong electric unicycles, among others, 
  • the pedals are finished with rows of various materials, in order to guarantee maximum shoe traction possible, regardless of the weather, 
  • built-in, strong LED lamps for night riding - front and rear. The rear lamp doubles as a stop/brake light.

In order to keep the design the simplest possible, and to enable express and hassle-free tyre change, there are no decorative side-LEDs. To save on weight, there is no trolley handle - just a normal lug. However, with such small weight and size, it's not a problem - holding the device in hand shouldn't be a hassle for anyone, and the size allows it to fit into most backpacks.

Was it worth to make the unicycle so thin - not much thicker than the tyre itself? We'll see! What's important, with this achievement the IPS company has marked their place on the market, and has simultaneously raised the standards for other manufacturers.

The new IPS S5 - sport version

Not much has been unveiled regarding the new IPS S5. This model should also be made from magnesium alloys. The whole design will be similar, with one, major difference. The IPS S5 will be a 16" electric unicycle, which - except the larger tyre diameter - will be equipped with higher capacity Panasonic batteries and more powerful electric motor. For sure it will weight more than I5, however we can expect it to be a great competition, in terms of the weight, to other 16-inch wheels. It has to be reminded that 16" electric unicycles are usually heavier than fourteens. 

The IPS S5 electric unicycle will be released a bit later than the I5, and will become the company's new flagship. It is a sport version, focused on performance. Once we know the details, we will post them here immediately!

Expect our review soon

We are honoured to announce we are the first in the world that have been invited to test the new IPS products. As soon as they fall into our hands - technically Justina's hands - we will publish first unboxing, hands-on and test ride videos. We are looking forward to this!

The launch date and the price of the new models are not yet known.

Now, we invite you to watch the official, pre-premiere I5 commercial.

What do you think about the new IPS electric wheels? Let us know in the comment section below!

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