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KingSong KS16S Sport - what's new?

Finally, it is here - the KS16 tuning which has long been awaited. Kingsong, a company associated with safety, reliability and good performance, decided to release a new model for those all, who think the 30 km/h limit is not enough. The sport version means more power, packaged inside the well-known and practical casing of the famous KS16. However there is something, which clearly differentiates it from other electric unicycles. It is the incredible silver colour, which makes you can't take your eyes off it.

External look

The design form is exactly the same like the well-known KS16-C. Like in the C model, the KS16-S features in magnesium-alloy pedals, finished with a grip tape.  Since the launch of the C version, the pedal materials are not the only element that was changed. The pedals are skewed to the top, which is as important as changing the materials. This ergonomic solution increases the riding comfort, and lets the rider make sharper turns with a lower centre of gravity, without worrying about loosing traction or scratching the pedals.

The shiny-silver finish of KS16S is an amazing idea, that let distinguish the KS16-S sport version from the classic KS16.


What Kingsong did with the motor is a masterpiece. The rated power has been increased from 800 W to 1200 W. Increasing the power doesn't sound like a big deal, but Kingsong engineers have made this possible without increasing the engine weight.

Because of the power boost, the only competitor left in the 16" category is Gotway ACM16.

However we can finish this bottle there, as KS16S offers much more conveniences, like: a built-in trolley handle, lower weight, lower price and better external look, with additional side LED rings.

More power allowed move the speed limit to 35 km/h. Every electric unicycle driver knows, that each additional 5 km/h makes a huge difference.

Increased top speed is not the most important advantage, though. Remember the city speed limit in Europe is 25 km/h, besides that it is hard to reach 35 km/h, if we are in the city centre.

However, the power "backup" guarantees better acceleration, comfort and safety. The user can go faster from zero to desired speed - the "Sport" mark on the pad is there not without a reason. It is easier to avoid unexpected obstacles on the road, or make an emergency braking or overtaking. It's similar to a car - a standard power is enough for everyday commute, but in extreme cases, when our safety depends on instant acceleration, the mentioned power backup can be salutary.

It has to be reminded: as with all sport vehicles, you should not test its performance on inadequate roads, without proper protection (helmet and pads).

Of course it is possible to limit the KS16-S maximum speed, via the mobile app. The user can still enjoy more power and range.

Battery and range

In order to fully use the potential power, it was necessary to increase the battery capacity - all the way up to 840 Wh. Because of this, the KS16-S is 0.8 kg heavier than classic 680 Wh KS16-C. More capacity should increase the range, but it wasn't the main goal of the engineers. They simply needed to supply the motor current demand, which is crucial when accelerating fast or doing emergency braking. Fortunately, the 840 Wh battery is perfect for this. 

The battery manufacturers, like in the case of KS14D, are LG and Sanyo (a subsidiary of Panasonic).

The battery packs are attached symmetrically on both sides of the device, to keep it perfectly balanced (like KS14D and KS16C).


Not much has changed comparing to KS16-C. The "S" version weights 17.3 kg, which is 0.8 kg more than KS16-C 680Wh, but only 0.4 kg more than KS16-B 680 Wh (the post face-listing pedals decreased the weight by about 0.4 kg). It is worth remembering the sport version comes with bigger 840 Wh battery. The built-in trolley handle is extremely helpful when carrying the wheel inside buildings. We hope Kingsong won't rest on one's laurels and keep working on decreasing the weight. Fingers crossed.

Mainboard improvements

In order to supply more power, the mainboard of the "S" model had to be upgraded. The improvements includes new circuits controlling the motor, among others. An additional filter capacitor has been added, and the power transistors current performance have been strengthen (from 180 A to 350 A).  

In order to pass high current, an additional fuse has been added, too.

The wires connecting the motor with the mainboard have been modified, to supply much more power from transistors to the motor.

The heat energy from transistors has to be transferred outside. Because the KS16-S generates more heat, the heat sink has been enlarged, and the cooling fan itself is more efficient.

One change is, however, not visible to a naked eye. It is a completely new algorithm to control the motor (according to the manufacturer statement), released with a separate line of firmware, exclusively for KS16S.

More information about this soon.

Is KS16-S a successor of the classic KS16?

No, it is not. Kingsong treats the sport line as a parallel to the classic KS16, which are and still will be produced and upgraded.

Kingsong KS16-C is currently one of the best electric unicycles on the market, and every owner of this model will be delighted by the capabilities of the classic 16.

KS16-S is targeted for people, who want to invest in an even better vehicle, with dedicated firmware focused on performance.

We have to remind you, that both models - KS16C and KS16C, have been released this year. They are the newest products of Kingsong, marketed as current company flagships.

If you are not sure which one to get, remember the casing and pedals of KS16-C and KS16-S are identical. The more expensive KS16-S allows to reach 5 km/h higher speed than KS16-C, and should feature 10 km more range on a single charge. Of course the sport version comes with more power, a custom motor controller (so the riding impressions between C and S could differ). Besides, the KS16S steps out with the new colour and logo. 

What would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below!

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