Adrian - 2017-04-08 06:10

KingSong KS 16S - a sport edition of the KS16 available now in preorder

After many questions we got from you, we decided to introduce the new Kingsong KS16-S into our offer.

Exclusively for you, we performed various tests of this model, to make sure it is well designed and most importantly - safe.

This is not a successor of the KS16-C, but a separate, sport edition, labelled as "Kingsong Sports".

What make this version special?

  • More power - it is equipped with a 1200 W engine, which allows to achieve maximum power output of even 3000 W,
  • More speed - the top speed of KS 16S is 35 km/h,
  • More range - KS16 Sport comes with only one variant of batteries, which is 840 Wh from LG or Sanyo (Panasonic) - even 260 Wh more. It can ride distances as long as 70 km on a single charge,
  • This version has got its own unique colour - "shiny silver" and pads with the "Kingsong Spots" logo,
  • The unicycle pedals are identical like in the post face-lift KS 16C,
  • Because of the new, more powerful engine, Kingsong has deployed a separate line of firmware, dedicated for KS 16S.

Click here to read the complete technical specification and the find out the launching price.

At the beginning of next week we will publish a detailed article describing the new KS16-S. Videos from unboxing, presentation and test rides will be published later.

Despite the launch scheduled in May, you can preorder your Kingsong KS16S now.

Take a look at the KS16-S photos below. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below the photos!

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