Justina - 2017-08-28 02:41

KingSong KS-16S Matte Black is now available

We've got many questions from you, regarding the rubber black matte KingSong KS16S. Here it is!

We decided to introduce it to our offer, for you! You can now order this variant on our website (click). Of course, the silver KS16S version will still be available.

Heads up: the number of black matte units is limited! 

Here is a quick reminder about KingSong KS-16S characteristics: 

  • Great design,
  • Well profiled pedals,
  • 1200 W motor rated power, maximum speed up to 35 km/h,
  • 840 Wh Sanyo or LG batteries, with range up to 70 km,
  • Built-in trolley handle, twilight sensor, stereo speakers.

Click here to purchase the rubber black matte version (840 Wh battery)

Click here to purchase the glossy silver version (840 Wh battery)

Photos and details

We are ElectricUnicycles.eu - authorized KingSong shop. All products are original and designed for European market. KingSong KS16-S is equipped with better quality Sanyo or LG batteries, and unlocked mobile app, in contrast to unofficial sources. All products are covered with a 2-year warranty. We include a multilingual user manual and a protective foam as a gift. You will get a proper AC plug depending on your location. You can return purchased products up to 14 days.

As the only one in the industry, we offer priority support from our mobile app (available on Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS). T

Check the photos of the KS-16S in the new colour, below. How do you like it? Let us know in the comments. Also, I invite you to watch my unboxing and presentation videos of the KS16-S!

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