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KingSong KS-18L: specification, prices and availability

KingSong KS-18L technical specification

KingSong KS-18L is official. The technical specification is actually better than previously announced:

  • 18" tyre diameter, small dimensions comparing to KS-18S/A, built-in trolley handle, automatic lamps and twilight sensor
  • The drive unit is disabled when lifting up the device (scroll down for details),
  • Electric motor (BLDC) with 2000 W rated power and 4000 W maximum power output,
  • Maximum speed up to 50 km/h (!) after first 200 km ridden (40 km/h before first 200 km),
  • Maximum climbing angle: 35°,
  • LG or Sanyo batteries with 1036 Wh total capacity. Range up to 90 km!
  • Weight: only about 18.8 kg,
  • Available colours: Matte Black, Glossy White, Glossy Black.

Are you interested in more details? Check out the complete technical specification of KS18-L here.

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Price and availability

Production starts soon. Our stock will be delivered via air as soon as possible, so we can start shipping pre-ordered units in April May (updated March 2018: the factory will start shipping in the end of April).

Pre-order price: €1.735 / £1,529 (including VAT) or €1.410 / £1,242 for VAT EU (VIES) registered customers.

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New features

One of the most shocking features is a built-in sensor, that detects when the rider step out from the unicycle and the device is not moving. In this scenario, the drive unit will be disabled and the rider will be able to lift up the wheel and carry it upstairs for instance.

The effect is the same like in INMOTION V8 and V5 models, but there is no need to push additional button while carrying the device. It is one of the most awaited functions in KingSong electric unicycles. We've been waiting, but it was worth it - the solution is truly innovative.

Remember that the KS-18L in the video is a prototype version with a prototype firmware. All features will be perfected before the mass production starts.

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