Adrian - 2018-05-06 21:18

KingSong new app - make sure to install the new critical update

Over the last few months, the KingSong company was focused on fixing the bug related to device firmware update in their new mobile app. After replacing the app developer's team, the manufacturer has managed to fix the issue.

If you're using the new app (you can distinguish it by having a white colour sheme instead of green), the first thing you need to do is to update the app itself, especially before upgrading your device's firmware. If you don't update the mobile app, your unicycle may still be vulnerable to a damage.

It is important to distinguish the app update (in your phone) from the firmware upgrade:

  • If the app asks you to download the new mobile app version, please agree,
  • If the app asks you to upgrade the firmware (in the unicycle), please cancel. You will be able to upgrade the firmware later.

The new app version is available for both Android and iOS.

By the way: KingSong account registration issues are gone, too.

If any of the steps above aren't clear, or you have any doubts, please contact us first by

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