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More details about new INMOTION V10 and V10F

Fresh news about the new V10 series

You too can't sleep after the recent announcement of new INMOTION models coming up? To get you even more excited, we've got some more elements of the puzzle for you!

New pedals... made from magnalium

The manufacturer has decided to say goodbye to the well-known oval pedals, and create new ones from the scratch. More rectangular shape, larger foot area and lack of the rubber-logo known from V5 and V8, make sure the riding level of comfort will be higher than ever before.

That's not all. The materials used are intriguing - the pedals are made from magnalium (which is an alloy of mostly aluminium and magnesium) in order to keep optimal durability to mass ratio. However, the most surprising fact is usage of rubber instead of grip layer. Rubber has many times been used in electric unicycles, but recently usage of a grip layer has became more common. The INMOTION company states the new solution will keep our feet more comfortable while riding.

A manufacturer who listens to the customers

One of the Inmotion V8 characteristics is a slim casing, which features very small, plastic pads. Many users were covering their pads with a soft foam, to make the pads more comfortable and noticeable. Based on users feedback, the INMOTION team has decided to equip the new V10/V10F with soft, distinguishable pads, allowing riders to use them as leg support, to improve ergonomics, device control and ride stability - as the company states.

Trolley handle

It would be surprising not to have a trolley handle in the new V10 and V10F. Fortunately, the manufacturer didn't forget about this important element, but in contrast to the V8 model - where the handle slides out from the inside of the casing - the solution here is identical like in the V5 series. By attaching exactly the same accessory to the casing, users are able to unfold (expand) the metal bar, that locks the hinge, keeping vertical position.

This solution has some strategic advantages. The main one is that the handle does not takes any internal space, which INMOTION engineers needed for... a very important element, that we will describe next time - let's keep the most interesting details for the grand finale! For now we can ensure you that using an external, foldable handle, in order to have more space inside the casing, was worth it!

All the solutions we love are there

It's not always worth to change proven, reliable and familiar solutions. They do the job, thus the fact they're present in the new models, is a great news! One of those solutions is a dedicated button under the handle, which disabled the motor when lifting up the unicycle - when carrying it upstairs for instance. Thanks to this mechanism there is no need to turn off the vehicle, in order to carry it in your hand for a moment.

Such mechanism, first introduced by INMOTION, has eliminated the issue with lifting up a powered-on unicycle. By default, every electric unicycle motor starts spinning when lifting it up. Inmotion's intuitive solution prevents this, and it works correctly every time.


Very soon you'll be able to reserve your V10 / V10F in our online shop. Follow us to not miss the preorder launch! 

What puzzles are missing?

Let us know in the comments, what do you think about Inmotion V10 and V10F, and try to guess what else we can expect from the new electric wheels?

We will unveil the remaining puzzle elements shortly, so you can check if you were right!

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