Mike - 2017-08-31 22:20

New mobile app for KingSong electric unicycles is coming soon

The premiere of a new KingSong mobile app is coming very soon. The beta-test phase is ending. In the upcoming weeks, the app will be released for all King Song electric unicycle users. Like the older version, the new one will also be available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS.

What can we expect from the update? Except a completely new interface, the manufacturer has taken care of among others:

  • Ability to upgrade the firmware to newest versions (current application is not able to perform any firmware updates any more),
  • Improved bluetooth connectivity,
  • Assigning our unicycle to our registered user account  (similar to Inmotion and Ninebot),
  • Introducing social features, including locating other riders around us on the map (also similar to Inmotion and Ninebot), user ranking (the more kilometres you have ridden, the higher your score is)
  • Ability to lock the device - the long-awaited alarm feature, which enables when our vehicle is out of bluetooth range or someone else has moved (or taken) or vehicle. Both the unicycle and the phone will start the alarm in such cases. Similar feature was introduced to Ninebots and it gained a lot of attention.
  • Splitting the sound management ("voice control") in two categories: "voice control" and "bluetooth speakers". This feature can be something many have been waiting for. 

After it's released, you can download the app from our portal [update 2017/09/01] The beta version is already available to download from our portal! [update 2017/09/18] The final version is already available to download from our portal! We also invite you to take a look at the screen shots:

This is the main screen with social features, including the rider map on the right.

The policy of electric unicycle manufacturers is similar to Tesla, Inc. With time, our wheels get new features over the air (OTA), via mobile app and/or firmware updates. Inmotion and Ninebot have surprised their users many times, introducing additional settings or completely new features.

With the new app update, KingSong marks its place among the industry leaders, adding useful features the users have never dreamed of, when purchasing their devices. It is a nice surprise, isn't it?

The new setting screens are much more intuitive.

Bare in mind, that the screen shots come from the beta version. There is still a chance the hints will be simplified and the English translation will be edited after the final release.

New status screen (on the right) and new voice control settings (on the left).

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