Adrian - 2017-06-15 04:08

Our iOS mobile app is now available

Our Android mobile app, released roughly 1.5 month ago, have became very popular, which makes us very proud.

Now the iOS users can enjoy it, too!

Get it on Apple App Store, free of charge!

As a reminder, here is a quick summary of our app features:

  • Access to all videos, news and articles from our portal, whenever you are. 
  • Download software for all electric unicycles.
  • Get additional discounts for all products in our shop.
  • Technical support - articles and video-tutorials. Getting a puncture is not a problem anymore!
  • Dedicated "live" technical support for our clients, whenever they are. 
  • A universal app displaying speed and tracking your rides. It includes a high score shared with other app users. This feature is still under construction.

Windows Mobile app is coming soon!

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