Justina - 2017-04-04 01:55

Solowheel XTREME (PRESENTATIONS episode 3)

Finally the presentation of the 18" Solowheel XTREME is online.

Solowheel is a brand of the American company Inventist. Their mission is creating safe electric unicycles. This is why XTREME is equipped with lithium-manganese SONY VC3 batteries - a safer version of li-ion batteries (and more expensive as well).

This model comes with a wide, off-road tyre, and its big 18" wheel is uncovered completely. Because of this, it is a great unicycle not only for daily commute, but primarily for special tasks in extreme off-road conditions.

Solowheel XTREME loves high curbs, muddy and sony roads, as well as forests and mountains.

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