Justina - 2018-04-10 13:15

2018 INMOTION Launch Event: V10 and V10F revealed!

INMOTION V10 and V10F revealed!

Let's not make it any longer. We've waited too long already! I will keep it short then.

Today, April 10th 2018, 14:00 Beijing time (6:00 UTC). Shenzhen. INMOTION LAUNCH EVENT.

Spoiler alert: new electric unicycles, V10 and V10F, have been revealed (finally).

This time I couldn't show up in person, but my spirit was present: during the event, videos with best wishes from main INMOTION partners were displayed. The company has already shared them on their YouTube channel - check it out! (my appearance starts at 6 min)

Final technical specs, prices and availability

We have just started our pre-order promotion. You can now place your order for either V10 or V10F. The unicycles will be here, in Europe, in May (we will later give you more precise schedule). Now it's the only chance to get a significant pre-order discount.

What about final photos, technical specification and other info? You can check everything here:

- INMOTION V10F product page (with preorder option)

- INMOTION V10 product page (with preorder option)

We will post more info and photos shortly!

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