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Colour: Shiny Black (Glossy)

2019 version - better water&dust resistance

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In the box

  • Brand new Electric unicycle
  • Original Charger
  • Foldable Handle
  • Gift! protective
  • Multilingual User manual
  • Ecological Packaging

Get the most powerful Inmotion model

Wider tyre, excellent for off-road. Powerful 2000 W, Max. Power Output 3000 W, custom motor. Large battery. Two CPU cores. Active cooling system.

  • Max. Speed 40 km/h
  • Real Range 90 km
  • Battery 960 Wh LG
  • Weight 20.6 kg
  • Wheel 16"
  • Max. Power Output 3000 W

Magnalium pedals with rubber-finish

Completely redesigned, larger and more comfortable pedals, covered with rubber. Did we mention they are made from magnalium?

Foldable handle

We've got you covered! In the box we include an original expandable handle accessory (free of charge!), that lets you push your unicycle similar to a trolley or suitcase. Thanks to the unique anti-spinning button under the handle, you don't need to power off the device when carrying it up/downstairs. Entering buildings is now easier than ever!

Intelligent brake light

The new V10F features a strong tail light, that doubles as a brake light. It brightens when you slow down - just like in a real car! Besides, the V10F is equipped with a strong front lamp for night riding, and side atmosphere lights that you can adjust via the mobile app.


Aerodynamic design. Comfortable pedals for your feet. Soft leg pads, for ultimate control and stability. In short: superior riding experience.

Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth

Listen to your favourite music, on built-in premium stereo speakers. Just connect your phone via bluetooth. The speakers also play system sounds (notifications and alerts).

INMOTION V10F 960Wh Photo gallery

INMOTION V10F 960Wh Video gallery

Moving in Music | Life in Motion

Watch the official teaser.

3D | 360° Show

INMOTION V10F 960Wh Technical specification

Model:INMOTION V10F 960Wh
Colour:Shiny Black (Glossy)
Tyre diameter:16"
Maximum speed:40 km/h
Real Range:up to 90 km (depending on the user weight, road inclination, road condition and temperature)
Battery:960 Wh, Li-ion, LG
Engine - type:Electric, brushless DC (BLDC motor)
Engine - power:2000 W, Max. Power Output 3000 W
Weight:20.6 kg
Maximum climbing angle:30°
Maximum load:120 kg
Mobile application:Yes - Android, iOS
Lights:Front: White LED lamp. Rear: red LED position light, doubling as a brake light. Side: atmosphere LED lamps (rings).
Brake light:Yes
Road lamp mode:Yes - White front lamp (strong)
Speakers:Yes, Bluetooth
Handle:Foldable (included) + Basic (plastic lug), with a button which disables the drive
Regenerative brake:Yes
Speed limit feature:Yes - in the app
Battery indicator:Yes - separate LED indicator on the casing
Special features:2019 new model, the best performance
Pedals distance from the ground:172 mm
Model Code:InMotion V10F Black

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