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All faces of KingSong KS16

Kingsong KS16 is available on the market almost one and a half year. Since the launch, it is hard to find a decent competition. Thanks to the KS16 model, the King Song brand has gained lots of fans and made its mark on the electric unicycle marked.

A complete KS-16 model name has an additional letter. To this day, the released versions are KS-16A, KS-16B, KS-16C and KS-16S. Sometimes they are being written as KS16-A, KS16-B, KS16-C and KS16-S, or even without hyphens (KS16A, KS16B, KS16C, KS16S).

What are the differences between these models? Let's find out.

KingSong KS16A

The Model A is the first KS16's face, recognized as a prototype by many. The manufacturing batch was very short and it is hard to even get this model in Europe.  All models manufactured by Kingsong between Jan and Feb 2016 (roughly two months) were KS16-A exclusively.

Despite the small quantity, the whole world was talking about it, especially because of the new design. At the time, the KS-16A - except Ninebot One - was the only good looking 16-inch electric unicycle, in the Internet users opinion.

Characteristic elements of this model design were: an orange battery charge indicator (at the top) and a glossy-plastic trolley handle. Besides the external look, the internal electronic was completely different. This is why the firmware upgrade from KS-16A version to any other version (KS-16B, KS-16C or KS-16S) should not be done.

The KS16A versions with larger capacity batteries were using only LG battery packs.

KingSong KS16B

KS16-B, the most popular KS16 version, was manufactured from Feb to Dec 2016. In contrast to the A version, the motherboard controller was modified - it was using inversely-polarized transistors, which excluded the firmware backward-compatibility between A and B versions. However, it is possible to upgrade the KS16-B firmware to the "C" version, as the electronics and engine are the same.

Regarding the design, the handle finish was changed, the battery charge indicator was removed and the battery status is indicated by the side LEDs since then.

The European batch was also equipped with better Panasonic li-ion batteries, instead of LG's.

KingSong KS16C, a KS16B face-lifting

The manufacturing of the KS16-C version started in 2017 and it is the newest version today. This version does not bring any major changes in comparison to the well designed and failure-free KS16-B, and that is why it is called a "face-lift version" as well.

The improvements are mostly the new pedals, designed from the scratch. The pedals are now made from a light and strong magnesium-alloy, and are finished with a grip layer, for better sole traction. Besides, they are a bit skewed to the top, which significantly improves the riding comfort and increases the external height. This last change prevents scratching the pedals of the surface, when making sharp turns - similarly to Inmotion V8.

As always, we care about having only the newest models in stock, that is why the KS16-C is the version available in our shop.

KS16S - Kingsong Sports

In January 2017, a special KS16 version - labelled with the "S" letter (from "Sport") - was released. This model line does not replaces the classic KS16 / KS16-C, but it's just a parallel sport line with better performance.

The casing used in KS-16S is identical to the reliable KS16-C casing, but it features a new, KS16-S exclusive, silver colour. The KS16 Sport is also equipped with the post face-lift pedals known from KS-16C.

The interior, however, is what differs the most. The KS16S has a more powerful engine (1200 W instead of 800 W) and lots of other changes, which we have specified in our Kingsong KS16S Sport - what's new? article.

All KS16 versions, starting from the KS16-A, have gained great interest around the world. The Kingsong company has been expanding since the beginnings of the electric unicycle market, and has gained appreciation and recognition even before the KS16A (mostly because the products safety and quality). However, it is the launch of the new KS16, that was a breaking-point for Kingsong, guaranteeing a place between the top players on the market.

Kingsong is dynamically expanding, increasing the number of their facilities, manufacturing more and more devices, to supply the marked demand. We can be sure, the KS16 line will be continued, including the KS-16C and KS-16S models.

However, not many people know, that Kingsong produces different versions of their devices for European and United States markets, and different for Asia and smaller markets.

The other version made for Asia is branded as "KS-Wheel" instead of "KingSong" (including also the KS-Wheel logo on pads) and is never equipped with Panasonic / Sanyo batteries.

Because of this, you should double-check your source and make sure you buy your KS16 from an authorized shop in Europe. At the same time, we inform we obviously have the European version in stock, which is the real "KingSong".

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