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INMOTION V10/V10F with lamps brighter than ever

If you haven't read our previous news, about the upcoming INMOTION V10 and V10F (new electric unicycles, referred by some as VX and VXF), yet, you can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Safety first

It is great to see INMOTION - as always - takes user safety very seriously.

The company has already revealed the new electric unicycles - V10 and V10F - will be equipped with a strong rear LED-lamp with stop lamp functionality (lights up when you brake, like in every car), and a new type of pedals and pads, making sure of better leg support and overall stability.

Front lamp

The manufacturer has just confirmed the new headlight will be even brighter than the already bright lamps in the V8 and V5F.

INMOTION engineers have always taken care of the light-stream precision, to not obstruct pedestrians, cyclists and other road users field of view. The light simply wasn't directed at the height of other people's eyes. Based on the manufacturer experience, that should be the case this time as well - despite having a more powerful lamp.

While the V8 and V5F lamps are great for late evening rides, the new lamp is designed to increase visibility in complete darkness, making your way home even safer.

And this is how INMOTION V8 lamp performs at night:

Atmosphere side-lights

The new models will be also equipped with position side-lamps (called atmosphere lamps), which you could already deduct from the photos we posted last time.

As in the V8, you will be able to change the lamps theme, as well as create your own.

The atmosphere lamps will not only highlight your personality and help you stand out, but they will also take care of your visibility from sides, making other road users able to estimate your speed and direction of movement.

When the lights are not needed, you can always turn them off.

Heads up! When creating your own theme on any model having side lights (like the INMOTION V8), always make sure the light colour and animation are not confusing and/or obstructive to other road users, especially car drivers. It is proven that stroboscope effect if often counterintuitive for the drivers, and leads to a phenomenon called target fixation. If you aren't sure, use one of the predefined themes, without stroboscope effect.

More details coming soon

INMOTION V10/V10F launch date is scheduled for April 10th.

We will soon share some more details about the upcoming unicycles from Inmotion. Are you curious? Stay tuned!

By the way: V10 / V10F reservations in our shop starts very soon. Follow us to not miss the preorder launch! 

INMOTION's official poster

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