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When will I get my preordered wheel?

Recently we get many questions from you, regarding more accurate delivery dates. We do everything we can for you to receive your electric unicycles as soon as possible. However, everything is in the manufacturers' hands.

To keep you updated, we've added a table with the schedule on the right side of our website (or at the bottom, if you're using a mobile device).

You can check the newest pre-order information below.

Updated as of 28th May 2018: some transports are delayed, please check the updated ETAs below. We are sorry. It does not depend on us, but we are still checking all possible options and doing what we can to speed up the process. We know how important the shipping time is to you, and we really care about it.

Updated as of 17th June 2018: we've shipped a lot of wheels to you!

  • 2 rounds of Inmotion V10F,
  • 1 round of Inmotion V10,
  • 1 round of KingSong KS-18L,
  • 1 round of the new Inmotion V8.

Everything is now going great! Because of very high demand, all units from these rounds have sold out. However, we have arranged additional preorder rounds for V10F, V10, KS-18L, and V8! This is the last chance to get special preorder prices.

INMOTION V10F - June status update

INMOTION V10F -      

Status: 2 rounds already shipped. Round 3 (bonus) is going as planned.

Three transports were ordered:

  • Round 1 - shipped via air, so you can enjoy the new V10F as soon as possible. Updated: shipped to customers.
  • Round 2 - shipped via air. Updated: shipped to customers.
  • Bonus Round - shipped via air. We decided to order a parallel transport of V10F, because of very high market demand. ETA to our warehouse: end of June.  Status: on its way!

V10F interest exceeded our expectations. First two rounds were sold out almost immediately. We now accept orders for the bonus round, with even larger quantity.

INMOTION V10 - June status update


Status: first round already shipped. Round 2 is going as planned.

Two transports were ordered:

  • Round 1 - shipped via air, so you can enjoy the new V10 as soon as possible. Updated: shipped to customers.
  • Round 2 - shipped via air. ETA to our warehouse: end of June. Status: on its way!

KingSong KS-18L - We are now shipping! - June status update

KingSong KS-18L - Purchase now:  

Status: 1st round shipped to customers! Second round still affected by significant production delay. Because of some parts and tools suppliers delay, the main KS-18L production has been delayed.

Initially, KingSong has planned to start shipping to Europe at the end of April, then middle of May, but the current estimate is around May 20th. However, the manufacturer states that everyone is working overtime to speed up the production, and there is a chance to ship the products earlier (around the middle of May).

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything. We are sorry for the delay, but there's nothing we can do to speed up the production.

28/05 Update: it turned out the production has been delayed even more, because of some final design changes and delay in parts supply.

28/05 Important: delay affects the production of white shells the most. It means that other colours (black-glossy and black-matte) will hit the market first.

All our customers who preordered the KS-18L before May 7th will get a nice (and very useful) accessory as a gift.

Two transports were ordered:

  • Round 1 - shipped via air. ETA to our warehouse: end of May first half of June. Updated: shipped to customers!
  • Round 2 - shipped via sea air as well. ETA to our warehouse: end of June (best case scenario) / first half of July (worst case scenario).Updated: this round is replaced by bonus round (air shipping).

KS-18L interest also exceeded our expectations. All the units from round 1 (shipped via air) have been already sold out. We now accept orders for the second round only.

June's Update: new transport will be arranged:

  • Bonus Round - shipped via air. We decided to ship more units via air, as soon as they are ready. We don't want you to wait even longer! ETA to our warehouse: end of June (best case scenario) / first half of July (worst case scenario). If you haven't ordered yet, you can now choose to get your KS-18L faster from Bonus Round.

New INMOTION V8 - June status update

INMOTION V8 -      

Status: round 1 shipped to customers. Round 2 in transit.

  • Round 1 - shipped via air. Update: shipped to customers,
  • Round 2 - shipper via air. ETA to our warehouse: end of June.

We get many questions from you about what's changed in the new edition (new batch) of V8. The newest production batch is significantly improved comparing to the old batches. Among others:

  • It has better quality LEDs with longer lifespan,
  • It has LG batteries instead of Samsung's,
  • It has a new factory tyre 16x1.95 instead of 16x2.125, which makes the unicycle more agile (it's easier to make sharp turns, u-turns, slaloms etc.),
  • Elimination of the problem with tyre rubbing gently against the inner casing (too tight fit). The issue was rare, but still present in random units. Note, that we fixed all units with this issue from our distribution, during the quality control,
  • Comparing to the very first batches, the charging port is 3 pin instead of 4 pin.

It's a V8 better than ever. We are happy that INMOTION implemented our suggestions and improved the iconic V8!

Can I change my order?

Yes, you can. Depending on the product status, your new order shipping time may be shorter or longer. Your previous order will be assigned to the next person from the reserve list.

In the case you'd like to change your order (by choosing another product for example), please contact us.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order, any time. You will get a full refund. You can also change your order, by choosing another product. If it's cheaper, we will refund you the amount difference. If it's more expensive, we'll issue a new order for the amount difference.

Additionally, you have 14 days to return the product (without justification), from the date you received it.

When the preorder ends?

The preorder ends when the products are in our warehouses. The closer to that date, the lower the preorder discount (product prices will be increasing). As soon as we've got the products in our warehouses, the preorder discount expires.

Are the shipping dates final? When will you start shipping?

No, they aren't. The shipping dates are subject to change, in case of, for example, production delay, transport delay etc. In case of faster production or shorter transport time, we will send the products earlier.

We do what we can to shorten the shipping time:

  • We use air freight (the fastest possible way) for first batches,
  • We collaborate with the best global forwarders,
  • If possible, we choose a faster delivery variant, event if it's more expensive,
  • Upon receiving the products, we will do our quaility control and testing. After receiving the products, we will ship them to you within 48 hours.

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