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Air compressor AC/DC for electric unicycle

  • » Colour: Black
  • » Essential tool
  • » Normal AC 230 V plug and DC 12 V car plug
  • » 3 nozzle adapters included
  • » Express inflating
  • » Built-in barometer

In the box:

  • » Air compressor x 1
  • » Nozzle adapters x 3
  • » Car lighter adapter x 1
  • » Packaging x 1
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Air compressor AC/DC Photo
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Technical specification

Model:Air compressor AC/DC
Manufacturer:EXTRA German Style
Maximum performance:1700 hPa / 17 bar / 250 psi
Power supply:Standard wall outlet (AC 230 V) or cigarette lighter socket (DC 12 V)
Plugs:DC car lighter adapter (included), AC plug (included), UK adapter for UK-plug countries
Important features:The box includes 3 additional nozzle adapters for inflating mattresses, balls and toys
Description:Air compressor for inflating wheels of electric unicycles, bicycles, cars, also inflating mattressess, balls and other toys and devices. The inflating process is quick and effortless. Can be powered from a standard AC 230 V wall socket or a standard car lighter adapter (DC 12 V). Blinking red lamp indicates reaching the maximum pressure or overheating - in this case turn off the device immediately.
Condition:BRAND NEW, in original packaging

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