Delivery and payment

If you are looking for information about our 2-year warranty, read  our Terms of Service.

When do we ship?

We send all products:

  • up to 48 hours after having received the payment via a bank wire or credit/debit card or an express payment system such as PayPal or PayU,
  • up to 48 hours after the order has been placed, in case of the Cash on Delivery (COD) option,
  • up to 48 hours from receiving the instalments confirmation from our payment provider. 

Where do we ship?

We ship our products to all European Union countries. We do not usually ship them to countries outside of the EU or other continents, due to additional charges that may be applied. However, we can consider shipping outside the EU after you contact us.

How do we ship?

All our parcels undergo shipment by trusted courier services like DPD, FedEx, GLS or UPS. However, a specific courier company may vary depending on your location. We take care of safe packaging in order to protect your product during transport. All parcels are insured.

What currency can I pay with?

The default currency is Euro (EUR), but you can also pay in Great Britain Pound (GBP), as well as United States Dollar (USD).

What kind of payments do we process?

  • PayPal payments,
  • Debit and credit cards,
  • SWIFT bank wire transfers,
  • PayU express payments,
  • PayU Instalments (available in selected countries only),
  • Cash on Delivery (COD - available in selected countries only).

What are the costs?

The final shipment fee may vary depending on your location. All shipping options are visible in the checkout. Check out the table below to see the exact shipping costs.

Can I return my order? If so, when can I do that?

Every product you buy in our online store can be returned up to 14 days from receiving it, without justifying your reason. All you need to do is send us an e-mail regarding this matter and send the product back to us. The only condition is the product must not be used and the package has to include all items we sent to you.

When do I get my package?

The delivery time varies depending on your location. Most of the time, it takes from 2 up to 5 working days to receive the parcel after it has been sent. However, the time is based on an average and in rare cases it can take longer (even up to 15 working days). You will get a tracking number from us.

CountryShipping costsAverage delivery timeIncluded plug
Electric UnicyclesAccessories
Austria10.459.5412.2712.7611.0215.662-3 work daysEU
Belgium10.799.8512.6614.5212.5417.822 work daysEU
Bulgaria18.0716.5021.2116.0613.8719.713-5 work daysEU
Croatia22.8920.9026.8716.5014.2520.253-4 work daysEU
Cyprus153.44140.10180.1362.9254.3477.224-5 work daysUK (type G)
Czech Republic9.909.0411.6211.009.5013.501-2 work daysEU
Denmark10.619.6812.4514.3012.3517.552-3 work daysEU
Estonia11.4010.4113.3816.0613.8719.712 work daysEU
Finland16.0014.6118.7816.5014.2520.254-5 work daysEU
France12.4011.3214.5516.0613.8719.712-3 work daysEU
Germany10.509.5912.3312.7611.0215.661-2 work daysEU
Greece21.9620.0525.7716.9414.6320.794-5 work daysEU
Hungary12.3011.2314.4313.6411.7816.742 work daysEU
Italy13.1912.0515.4916.5014.2520.253-4 work daysEU
Latvia11.1010.1313.0316.0613.8719.711-3 work daysEU
Lithuania10.809.8612.6813.6411.7816.741-3 work daysEU
Malta130.72119.35153.4551.4844.4663.184-5 work daysUK (type G)
Netherlands12.4011.3214.5515.6213.4919.172-3 work daysEU
Poland0. work daysEU
Portugal17.0815.6020.0616.9414.6320.793-4 work daysEU
Republic of Ireland16.4915.0519.3519.5816.9124.033-4 work daysUK (type G)
Romania16.7815.3219.7016.0613.8719.712-3 work daysEU
Slovakia9.909.0411.6212.7611.0215.66d>1-2 work daysEU
Slovenia14.0912.8716.5416.5014.2520.253-4 work daysEU
Spain15.8914.5118.6516.5014.2520.253-4 work daysEU
Sweden14.3313.0816.8216.5014.2520.253 work daysEU

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