How long is the warranty valid?

All new products are covered by 2-year limited warranty, unless stated otherwise in the product description.

All certified refurbished products (outlet) are covered by 1-year limited warranty, unless stated otherwise in the product description.

The warranty period starts from the delivery date.

What defects are covered by warranty?

Warranty covers factory defects of all products and components (including electric unicycle's motherboard, battery - if original charger was used only - and motor), except products/elements subject to quick exploitation (e.g. inner tube, tyre), where damages during usage (getting a flat tyre for example) is not a factory defect.

Terms of filing a complaint

Upon receiving the purchased products, at the chosen address, and in the presence of a courier, you should check:

  • if the product does not have any mechanical damage (cracks, scratches etc.),
  • if the product includes all the ordered items and described.

If any of the above is true, in the presence of a delivery company employee, a damage report should be written and the damaged product should not be taken. 

If the case of noticing any damage after the courier's departure, please contact the delivery company (phone number is printed on the shipping label) and request the courier to return in order to draw up a damage report.

Additionally, take photos of the damage if possible.


Terms of filing a warranty-covered complaint


  • should be submitted only through our Customer Support & Service page (create new support ticket),
  • should include the product serial number,
  • should include detailed description of the complaint (subject of the issue, reason of the complaint, date the problem encountered, justification of the complaint).

After the complaint is submitted, you will receive a separate message with a shipping label that should be printed and glued to the parcel (door-to-door warranty). You should never order a shipping on your own.

In countries where door-to-door warranty is not available, you will receive a link to the shipping payment. After the payment is done, a shipping label will be issued and sent to you.


Return parcel should include:

  • an electric unicycle - clean and secured (original padding is the best option),
  • a charger,
  • additional elements of the original parcel (e.g. a backup fuse, if was included in the box).

Heads up! If your parcel is lacking any elements of the original set (a charger for instance), you are obliged to ship the remaining elements on your own, via insured parcel.


Door-to-door warranty

Most European Union countries are covered by our door-to-door warranty. The way it works is: a courier picks up the device from the customer and delivers it to our service facility, and then returns the repaired device to the customer. Everything takes place at no cost to the customer - but only if the problem was caused by a factory defect.

Countries covered by the free door-to-door warranty:

  • Poland.

Customer bears the shipping cost according to the price list, when any of the below is true:

  • Customer country is not listed above,
  • Door-to-door shipping has been arranged, but product collection or delivery has been rescheduled because of customers fault (for example: customer has not been reachable at the given address and date, resulting in product collection or delivery failure; or - customer refused to ship the item),
  • Repairs extend warranty coverage (factory defects) or are not covered by warranty at all (eg. damage caused by extensive/improper usage of the device),
  • Customer's warranty is void.

Warranty repair time

Accordance to the law, we have at least 14 days to diagnose the issue and decide to accept or reject the complaint. After complaint approval, we are entitled to at least 14 more days to perform the repairs. In 90% of cases, this process is much faster and usually takes a few days, including the diagnosis of the issue. However, we reserve the right to extend the diagnosis time and/or repairs time, when required (for example: if it's necessary to wait for a solution from the factory, or when spare parts are not available on the market at the moment), but no more than 28 days for diagnosis and 28 days for repairs (if alternative options were not offered or agreed on).

In the case of damage not covered by the warranty (for example: mechanical damage), the customer receives the repair price for approval, including the list of parts to be replaced. In this case, the damaged parts are returned back to the customer.

Warranty revocation

Warranty is void when:

  • the damage is caused by using a non-original charger (including "smart charges", "intelligent chargers", fast chargers, charging accesories, adapters, boosters, "charge doctors", converters etc.), or faulty electrical installation (including inconsistent voltage and frequency compared to those marked on the charger),
  • the technical construction of the device is violated (modifications of the device that may affect the safety of use, or the operation of the device itself),
  • the damage is caused by improper use of the device (e.g. mechanical damage, flooding of the device, etc.).

Examples of actions that do not invalidate the warranty: repainting the device housing, wrapping the device housing with stickers or foil, replacing the inner tube, changing the tyre.

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