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All products are covered by a 2-year warranty period. We perform all services in Europe. Every product can be returned up to 14 days from receiving it, without justification.

Electric unicycles

Brand new electric unicycles, directly from ElectricUnicycles.eu. Triple quality control for the highest level of satisfaction. All models come with a protective foam as a gift.
Additionally, you get 10% discount for all future orders of accessories and spare parts.


In our outlet you can find refurbished electric unicycles, that we used for promotion (for example in our videos) and/or presentation (demo products). All refurbished electric unicycles come from our distribution and are certified by our authorised service to be 100% operational (all elements were inspected, tested and cleaned; operation was compared to brand new units). We are sure of the refurbished products quality, so we cover them with a 1-year warranty period. Refurbished units may bear some traces of use (standard scratches or other slight visual defects) and have some mileage due to their use. However, visual traces of use do not affect the product characteristics and features - riding experience is identical to a brand new unit. Besides, everyone knows that even brand new units eventually get scratched.
Bottom line: when purchasing our certified refurbished product, you can get similar experience for a much lower price!

Note: warranty terms and item condition may vary. Always refer to the item description for final details of product condition and warranty.

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Selection of best accessories for electric unicycles. We've tested them all and we use them every day, that's why we know the products are excellent.

Replacement parts

Have you scratched your wheel? Or maybe you want to just refresh or change the look? Everything you need is here!

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