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Electric unicycle kickstand / parking stand

  • » Colour: Silver
  • » Stable and durable
  • » Doesn't take too much space
  • » Fits most electric unicycles
  • » Protects from dirt
  • » Allows for comfortable keeping vehicles at home

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  • » Kickstand x 1
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Technical specification

Application:Keeping electric unicycle at home, in vertical position; protects from dirt coming from the tyre.
Materials:Steel, plastic
Characteristics:Stable, durable. Finished with flexible plastic in order to prevent scratching the surface. Does not take too much space.
Unicycle installation:Simply slide the wheel into the stand. The metal elements squeeze the unicycle tyre and rim.
Tested on:IPS Zero, Kingsong KS-14D, Kingsong KS-16, Ninebot One E+, Gotway ACM, Solowheel XTREME, Inmotion V8 (in the case of V8 it is necessary to unfold the cover hooks). Heads up: it is not designed for models with distance between the wheel and the casing that is less than 5 mm. If your electric unicycle model is not on the list, contact us - we will check it for you! Remember, you can always return the stand up to 14 days without justification.
Condition:BRAND NEW

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