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Parking stand - Premium

Colour: Black

Parking stand - stable, solid, foldable. Metal finished with rubber.

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Just perfect

This parking stand locks in position. It is ultra-stable and durable. Made from metal, with rubber elements protecting your unicycle from scratching it.

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Gentle for your unicycle

Main areas are covered with rubber, to treat your unicycle casing with respect it deserves.

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When folded, it's completely flat and doesn't take much space. Take it with you!

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Parking stand - Premium Technical specification

Model:Parking stand - Premium
Application:Parking electric unicycle at home, vertically; protecting the unicycle from falling off; protecting the floor from direct contact with dirt from the tyre; making charging and cleaning the unicycle easy.
Materials:Steel, rubber
Characteristics:Very stable, solid and durable. No attaching parts make lifting the unicycle easy. Rubber finish protects your floor and your unicycle casing from scratching. Perfect for almost all electric unicycles.
How to use:Simply place your electric unicycle on the stand and lean it to the side. The larger side angle, the better stability of your unicycle. To protect your shell from scratching, always make sure the rubber elements are clean, and no dirt or sand is making contact between the stand and your unicycle. Lift your unicycle gently when taking it on a ride.
Tested on:IPS Zero, KingSong KS-14D, KingSong KS-16C & KS-16S, INMOTION V5F, INMOTION V8, Ninebot One E+, Gotway ACM16.
Condition:BRAND NEW

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