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KingSong KS-14S 840Wh

Colour: Shiny Black

The best, sport 14" electric unicycle.

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  • 2 years Warranty
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In the box

  • Brand new Electric unicycle
  • Original Charger
  • Backup Fuse
  • Protective foam As a gift!
  • Multilingual User manual
  • Ecological Packaging

Sport class performance and equipment

KS-14S is the only one sport class, 14-inch electric unicycle on the market, with telescopic handle, twilight sensor and strong lamps for night riding.
Small, agile, comfortable and crazy fast - perfect for city commute, but not limited to!

  • Max. Speed 30 km/h
  • Real Range 70 km
  • Battery 840 Wh Sanyo/LG
  • Weight 16 kg
  • Wheel 14"
  • Max. Power Output 2400 W

USB Port

Charge your phone during commute, thanks to the classic USB port.
KS-14S has an enormous 840 Wh battery that doubles as a huge power bank.

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Trolley handle

The best telescopic handle on the market, made of metal. You can comfortable and fast carry your KS14 indoors - in the office, in the store, in any institution.

Large, comfortable pedals

Despite the small size of the KS-14S, KingSong made sure to include identical pedals as in 16" KS16. The grip layer improves the shoe traction even in the rain, and the large area guarantees comfortable ride, without making your feet tired.

Twilight sensor

After twilight, your KingSong will turn on the lights for you. A strong front lamp and rear brake light make sure you will ride safely, even in the dark.

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Multimedia premium package

KS14 has the richest equipment on the market - out of the box - including four high quality stereo speakers. Enjoy a clear and deep sound, with your favourite music played via Bluetooth.

Mobile app

Manage your KS14 on your Android, BlackBerry or iOS. Each update adds new functions to your electric unicycle! You can even change the side LED colours and animations, to match your personality and style.

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KingSong KS-14S 840Wh Technical specification

Model:KingSong KS-14S 840Wh
Colour:Shiny Black
Tyre diameter:14"
Maximum speed:30 km/h
Real range:up to 70 km (depends on the user weight, road inclination, road condition and temperature)
Battery:LG or Sanyo (Panasonic) 840 Wh, Li-ion
Engine - type:Electric, brushless DC (BLDC motor)
Engine - power:800 W (max. power output 2400 W)
Weight:16 kg
Maximum climbing angle:30°
Maximum load:150 kg
Dimensions:475 mm x 437 mm x 202 mm
Safe usage temperature:-10°C ~ 60°C
Pedals - distance from the ground:125 mm
Charger - input:AC 80~240 V
Charger - output: 67.2 V, 2 A
Mobile application:YES - for Android, iOS, Android Wear, Pebble Watch, BlackBerry
Lights:Road LED lamps (front and read) + side LED rings
Brake light:YES
Road lamp mode:YES - dedicated and strong front white lamp and rear red lamp
Speakers:YES - Stereo 4x
Handle:Trolley handle (telescopic), with position locking
Regenerative brake:YES
Model Code:KingSong KS14-S Black

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