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Protective foam / bumper (black) - anti scratch + adhesive tape

  • » Colour: Black
  • » Prevents scratches and cracks
  • » Double-sided 3M tape included
  • » Black colour fits every electric unicycle
  • » Increases riding comfort

In the box:

  • » Protective foam x 1
  • » Double-sided 3M tape x 1
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Technical specification

Model:Protective foam
Length:200 cm
Description:This product is designed for preventing electric unicycle small damages, such as scratches and cracks, which affect the esthetics and are pretty common during the learning period.
Compatibility:Fits all electric unicycles. Additionally, the black colour is neutral and matches any wheel colour version.
Instructions:Cut the protective foam into smaller pieces and stick them onto your electric unicycle this way, so the vulnerable areas are covered. You can take it off after you decide your riding skills are good enough to avoid any scratches. We recommend you to watch our video tutorial, explaining how to properly stick a protective foam. The foam can also be used to decrease the calf pressure on the wheel during the learning period.

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