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Suitcase / bag / backpack for 14 and 16 inch electric unicycles, with telescopic handle and wheels

  • » Colour: Black
  • » For electric unicycles up to 16 inches
  • » Trolley handle
  • » Hidden backpack system
  • » Wheels included - bag mode
  • » Adjustable size

In the box:

  • » Packaging
  • » IPS backpack with trolley handle and wheels
  • » Separate electric unicycle cover
  • » User manual
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Suitcase up to 16
244 168
300 207 inc.VAT 23%

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Technical specification

Model:Suitcase up to 16"
Usage:Backpack / bag for electric unicycles
Features:Allows to carry electric unicycles up to 16 inches, accessories and little groceries. Tested unicycles which fit into the backpack: IPS Zero, Kingsong KS14D, Kingsong KS16, Ninebot One E+, Ninebot One S2, Solowheel Classic. Unicycles which does not fit: InMotion V8.
Dimensions:69 cm x 50 cm x 24-30 cm (adjustable)
Weight:1.3 kg
Materials:Aluminium, oxford cloth cotton, ABS
Closing mechanism:Zipper + lines for size adjusting
Additional information:Solid frame, lines for size adjusting, a separate cover for electric unicycles - protects the backpack against dust and water

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