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Tyre lever (spoon) for electric unicycle or bike tire change

Colour: Yellow

Tyre lever Photo
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  • » Must-have
  • » Ergonomic shape
  • » Continental original
  • » For all wheel diameters
  • » Spoons can be joined into sets
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All products are covered by 2-year warranty. We perform all services in Europe.

In the box:
  • - Tyre lever x 1

Technical specification

Model:Tyre lever
Opis:One (!) tyre spoon. In order to change a tyre effortlessly, 2 or 3 tyre spoons are required. Continental spoons can be joined in sets. Continental tyre levers make putting a tyre of the rim easy.
Usage:With the lever plain ending, pry open the tyre above the rim, then slide the second lever around the tyre. Third lever can be used as a backup to support the tyre in case of slipping the second spoon. Heads up: pry open gently, to avoid braking the spoon in half (it is not covered by warranty). Do not slide the spoon too deep inside the tyre. Try keeping the sliding tyre as much levelled as possible.
Compatibility:All electric unicycles and most bicycles
Condition:BRAND NEW, original parts only - from the manufacturer

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