Justyna - 2018-09-25 13:36

KingSong KS18L - tyre and inner tube change (Justina's Garage ep.6)

In this episode of "Justina's GaRAGE" you can watch me replacing the KingSong 18L tyre and inner tube, with a complete disassembly without touching important parts.

You can do it yourself at home. We will still honour your warranty!

Watch the video above.

Preparation of the workplace

Here's what you need:

  • A spare tyre and/or inner tube
  • A proper PH screwdriver
  • A flat-head screwdriver or a plastic prying tool
  • An isolation tape
  • At least 2 tyre levers.

Here we go!

Step 1

Start with opening the pedal, then gently unstick the pads. Keep the adhesive side clean. Don't loosen the screws yet.

To protect your shell from scratching, apply 2 layers of the isolation tape at the bottom of each LED cover.

Unless you've got a proper prying tool, wrap a flat screwdriver with the isolation tape as well.

Gently pry the LED cover open from the bottom, and slowly pull the LEDs module, releasing all the hooks from the bottom to the top.

Then, simply unplug the LEDs module. Do the same on the other side.

Step 2

Now, loosen all 5 screws on one side, just a little bit.

On the other side, first loosen the screws a bit, while pressing the shell with your other hand. Next, unscrew them. And these 5 on the other side, too.

Step 3

Now it's time to remove the remaining 5 screws.

Next: Gently detach the shell. Be careful with the LED wires!

Step 4

Loosen all 6 large screws.

Now unscrew them completely.

Remove all the screw washers.

Step 5

Unstick the black supports. Unplug the motor power connector.

Step 6

Put some padding under the pedal. Now let's repeat everything on the other side.You can remove the pads later, it doesn't really matter. The only difference is to unplug the motor signal cablee that little white connector right here.

Step 7

You need to pull the whole casing upwards, while managing the cables on both sides.

It's easy to damage them, so ask someone for help and do it properly :-)

Now it's time to deflate the tyre.

Step 8

Use the tyre levers to pry the tyre open in two spots. I'm using the Continental levers from our store.

Slide one lever around the tyre. Keep it parallel to the motor, the closer the better.

Let me show it to you in real time.

Step 9

Now, remove the inner tube. Start from the valve. It's easier when you deflate it better than I did :-)

Now grab the tyre and "roll" it towards you.

Clean up the rim, inner tube and tyre. Even one sand grain can puncture your tube over time.

Check if there's direction marked on the tyre. If so, turn it upside down when needed. Now, put one side of the tyre on the rim. We still need some space for the inner tube :-)

Tyre lever will help you at the end.

Now the inner tube. Start from the valve. Make sure you don't roll the tube. It must lay flat. Roll the tyre in the opposite direction, to make it pop into the rim. Tiny steps :-) And as always: use the tyre levers.

Step 10

It's time to inflate the tyre. Valve nut - remember!

Step 11

And again - slide the casing onto the wheel, while managing the cables on both sides! Be gentle!

Lay the unicycle on the side, and connect the white plug first. Align the wires in place, and put the supports back.

Step 12

Now put 3 big screws with washers in place, and tighten them a bit.

Then put the other 3 screws in place and tighten all 6.

Step 13

Now the other side. Connect the power first. Align the cables, and put the supports back. Repeat the steps, but this time tighten the screws all the way. Lift the unicycle and tighten the 6 screws on the other side. Completely.

Step 14

Attach the shell. Remember to put the LED cables through.

This time start from tightening the 3 screws at the top and 2 at the bottom. Put the pads back in place and close the pedal.

Now tighten all the screws under LED modules, just a little bit!

Now tighten them all completely, while constantly pressing the side of the shell.

Do the same on the other side and finally connect the LEDs.

Attach all LEDs module hooks from the top to bottom this time

Repeat all the steps on the other side.

And that's it!

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