Adrian - 2017-07-06 02:55

Last Minute: Get your KS-16S or V8 in lower price

Within the next few days, we expect to receive our fresh and shiny stock of the new KingSong KS-16S and Inmotion V8 electric unicycles. Then our pre-order sale will end.

This is the last chance to purchase these vehicles in pre-order, lowered prices:

Both devices are top shelf, professional electric unicycles - and they're new in our offer. 2017 production only, European market edition, with working mobile app.

Clients, who has already purchased these models in pre-order, can expect the dispatch of: KS16S - even this week; V8 - next week.

Why us?

Exclusive offer you cannot find anywhere else - to every product you'll get:

  • 2-year European warranty,
  • Multilingual user manual,
  • Protective foam as a gift,
  • Client support from the level of our mobile app for Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS.

As an additional gift, customers who purchased Inmotion V8 will get a renew kit for scratches, featuring carbon fibre motive.

Read more here.

Don't know which one to get?

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