Justina - 2018-01-31 05:24

Repairing InMotion V8 - complete electric unicycle disassembly

Let us show you a video from InMotion V8 repair.

The right side of the inner shell (that one with the motherboard) had a crack near the fixed handle. This was caused by a strong impact. It was a threat to the device construction integrity, and it was possibly making the unicycle vulnerable to rain water (it might access the device interior). During the repair it turned out the trolley handle is also bent. 

All faulty parts were replaced to new, original ones. It was necessary to also move all components (including motherboard) from the old shell to the new one. At the end, the client asked us for new pedals and adjustment. 

Check out how our colleague handled this repair! 

Shortly, the client has got his shiny V8 back. 

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