Justina - 2017-07-26 00:43

Bicycle vs electric unicycle (video)

Check out our new video, where we compare a bicycle with an electric unicycle. In the city, both devices are a great car alternative, as they allow to avoid traffic jams. However, an electric unicycle rider can limit the unnecessary effort, doesn't need clothes for change, doesn't have to take a shower in work and can ride even in a formal suit. The energy saved on commuting can be also transferred into work. There's nothing worse than being tired after commuting to work!

The main disadvantage of bicycles is their weight and size, which makes carrying them indoors almost impossible. Bikers have to leave their vehicles in front of the building. Most of the time the bicycle parking spots are not protected - even if they have cameras, there is nothing you can do to avoid stealing your bicycle. Even detaching the front wheel is not a problem for criminals. Everyday, dozens of bicycles are being stolen in every city. 

Funny fact is the column from the last scene has actually been stolen! I'm not kidding! We had a real problem to record the whole video, as the final scene was recorded on day one, and for the daylight scene we needed to find another column!

Answering your questions: no, the man on the bicycle hasn't got that body by riding a bike - he actually rides an electric unicycle everyday. He just cares about his diet and works hard on the gym on a regular basis :-) Riding a bicycle - like a normal person - does not improve your health. It is clearly stated by research it actually does nothing, unless you are a heavy sportsman.

Enjoy the video!

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