Mike - 2017-01-20 20:34

Charging an electric unicycle - the range

Charging a unicycle resembles… charging a mobile phone. It suffices to connect the plug of its power supply to a typical outlet and plug the other cable end into your unicycle.

The average charging time lasts between one and three hours which allows for charging one's unicycle e.g. while eating out in a restaurant during a casual jaunt into town. 

The range covered on a single charge encompasses the span between 15 and even 60 kilometres. It is approximately 30 kilometres on average then, depending on the model of one's wheel.

I'd like to stress it that manufacturers increase the range of wheels they produce year by year through optimising their energy consumption and constructing increasingly lighter models.

The range of 30 kilometres is fully sufficient for most users. It should never happen that a fully charged unicycle becomes completely discharged throughout a given day.

Statistically, the route Western countries inhabitants commute to work does not exceed 30 kilometres, while it is possible to connect one's unicycle to a charger once the place is reached. It will be waiting for its owner fully charged each time the working day is over.

In the case of having city rides, it's very hard to exceed the distance of 30 kilometres at one time (the range suffices to reach the other end of most towns and return – even several times).

It's possible to charge unicycles with a fixed or mobile solar charging unit, power bank or hybrid of both types mentioned. Thereby, electric unicycles are powered by clean energy and contribute to lessening the consequences of greenhouse effect. Li-Ion batteries are 100% recyclable (Lithium is a very valuable element that is reused for the purposes of constructing power cells).

Rechargeable batteries of electric unicycles have their lifespan theoretically and approximately set to 10 years.

Additionally, the majority of models allow for the so-called "hot swap" to take place – namely, the replacement of a battery in order to keep on riding after the previously used one has become discharged, also enabling the replacement of it in the case of when it becomes completely worn-out.

Certain unicycles – like, say, Kingsong KS14 – are equipped with their own built-in USB port which allows e.g. for the charging of one's mobile phone. It is a very useful solution with regard to the fact that – in most cases – a single unicycle may accumulate a higher energy supply than necessary to cover an intended route and return, thus making the excessive energy utilised for powering other devices.

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