Justina - 2017-06-25 08:44

First electric unicycle. What should I choose?

We all know, that buying our first electric unicycle takes hours spent in front of the computer - by searching information on forums, reading articles or watching YouTube videos. However, we are still not sure are the information given reliable. Many videos, many opinions. It's obvious everyone has different expectations, needs and impressions. Then, what are the criteria when choosing the first electric unicycle for ourselves? Let's answer some questions first.

Range, speed and purpose

Everyone wants to have beautiful and useful device simultaneously. It's understandable. However, this kind of vehicle will have its purpose. Ask yourself: do you need it for work commute, entertainment or extreme sports?

There is nothing worse than a small battery and low motor power. Those two factors can just spoil the fun and will induce a feeling of wanting more.

The specifications provided by manufacturers are most of the time inflated - the "guaranteed" 15 km/h speed tends to be much less, and pedestrians overtaking us can only make us feel embarrassed.

The range is also important. This way of transportation shouldn't be limited to orbiting our house. It is important, to analyse our daily routes first - check how many kilometres do you have to work or school?  

What will be your main environment?

If you plan to ride in the city, there is not much sense to buy a big - and most importantly - heavy wheel, designed for off-road usage. An urban unicycle should be small, light and agile. A trolley handle itself, despite being a great feature, doesn't solve the issue when you have to carry your unicycle upstairs.

Who will be using your electric unicycle?

If you plan to lend the unicycle to your kid from time to time, or even buy it just for your child, then the safety is the priority number one.

It is important, that the vehicle has some power backup. You can still limit the maximum speed via the mobile app. This way you can be sure your kid will ride only the speed you are interested in, without the risk of powering-off the unicycle (like it happens in the weak and cheap ones). Win-win.

If you already have a specific ewheel on mind, make sure it has proper certificates and the manufacturer reviews are positive.

How much you are willing to spend?

Cheap electric unicycles cost between 350 - 600 EUR. However, not much is known about their manufacturers and the parts used. Recently, such unicycles are popping up like mushrooms on the market, but their manufacturers and distributors disappear as quickly. That is the reason why the build quality and performance make so big contrast, comparing to known and reliable brand products.

Low price is tempting, but people, who wanted to save on their devices, tend to write negative comments in the Web. They mostly had bad experience with powering-off the vehicles when accelerating or braking quickly. Most of the cases, the speed didn't have anything to do with the issue, so it was unexpected. Another downside is the cheaper wheels often don't have proper lamps, making a law issue.

These issues do not exist in professional electric unicycles.

Think about the future!

Getting the right unicycle will help you avoid: dissatisfaction from the lack of comfort and additional expenses of buying a better device in the near future.

Today, when watching videos, you admire people doing awesome tricks on their unicycles, but you wonder if you could even ride straight. But no worries. The time needed for learning riding electric unicycle is shorter than for learning riding a bike. We just don't remember the time how long we had the additional two wheels attached to our bicycle, or how long our parents were running with us, keeping us balanced with the handlebar. Learning how to ride on an electric unicycle takes couple of hours tops - not days. 

If you decide to buy a low-power, low-range, cheap wheel anyway, mark my words - you will change it for a better one in couple of months. The fun from riding is tremendous and addictive. And remember - safety first. That is why you should choose wisely from the start, even if it means spending a bit more.

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